Lecia Oleksandra Owen...

Lecia in her studio...is a Ukrainian Artist and Art Historian who explores her collective memories in essences of exotic landscapes, colorful still lifes and enchanting people and portraits.

As an artist, Lecia is formally and classically trained in the tradition of "Russian Realism & Impressionism."

Born in 1966 in a beautiful, picturesque village in Western Ukraine, Lecia, from early childhood, felt the calling of God to become an artist. Graduating with highest honors as a "Master Artist" from the V.I. Kassian College of Fine Art, she went on to receive her Masters degree in Art History from the prestigious Ukrainian Academy of Fine Art in Kiev.

Lecia started her art career as a commercial artist in Ukraine, became exhibition coordinator at Kiev s Museum of Russian Art, and the National Museum of Ukrainian Art.

For her last six years living in Ukraine Lecia was the star and host of her own television show on Ukrainian National Television.

In 1990, Lecia met her future husband, Thomas Owen, pictured here together at the River Dniepro in Kiev. They married in 1997 and she has lived in America since then.

Lecia and her husband, TomAfter teaching Oil Painting and Art History for five years for the Maricopa Community Colleges, Lecia is now a full time artist, painting both in her studio and on location.

As an artist, Lecia credits God for the beauty of the world and the gift of being able to see and recognize the Revelation of God in His creation.


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