Ukraine, my beloved motherland...

...the land of mysterious woods and rolling hills, shining rivers and deep blue seas. It is a land that remembers ancient history from the neolithic Tripole culture, the classical antiquity of the Greeks and Romans, and Byzantine Christian Tradition, - to modern times under Communist oppression of the Soviet Union, and becoming now the independent republic of Ukraine. It is also the land that gave birth to me and formed me into the person I became.


Lecia and her husband, Tom, in Kiev >

As someone who spent the first 31 years of her life in Ukraine, I believe it is one of the most beautiful places in the world; which is much the same as it was in ancient times. Wherever you go you find historical buildings, churches, secret caves, remains of ancient sculpture - silent witnesses of our heritage and roots.


Young Lecia with her cow in Ukraine


The nature of Ukraine itself, with exotic names of places, legends and stories about them, commands one to become an artist or an art historian, - or, in my case - both!


Lecia's family in Ukraine >

Being born and raised in a picturesque village in the western part of Ukraine, spending five years in college in the awe inspiring Carpathian Mountains, living for nearly twelve years in the beautiful capital city of Kiev, I couldn't resist the call to become an artist.

Lecia (standing) in her T.V. studio in Kiev




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