Lecia's Newest Paintings in Oil

"Evening Grace" 48"x48" "Aspen Hillside" 40"x30" "Country Romance" 24"x24" "Garment of Gold" 60"x48"
"Sentinels of The Bells" 20"x24" "Autumn Mystique" 16"x12" "Autumn Charm" 20"x16" "Come to the Waters" 30"x30"
"Autumn's Pallet" 36"x60" "Morning Mystique" 20"x16" "Aspen Road" 48"x36" "Aspen Stream" 24"x30"
"Summer Hideaway" 20"x16" "Autumn Road" 48"x36" "Aspen Trail" 16"x12" "Solitude at Sunset" 20"x16"
"After The Rain" 20"x16" "Desert Blossom" 20"x16" "Autumn Road" 24"x20" "Desert Glow" 24"x20"
"Sonoran Spring" 20"x16" "'Swan Lake'" 20"x16"

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